Friday, August 19, 2016

Some Sneak Peeks at our Classroom

WOW! First Graders have lots of books.

We love to read in First Grade! We will keep track of all of our read alouds on Good Reads. (Check out the sidebar on this page to discover the title of our very first first grade read aloud!)

Calendar/Math Board and We are.... (readers and friends and mathematicians and kind and helpful and so much more!) We will brainstorm a list of words telling about everything that WE ARE.
Library and Book Nook space. It's fun to curl up with a good book.

Mrs. Simmons and Ms. Espasandin are wondering...Where Have You Been? We've been waiting to meet the 1D Kids and we will be happy when you are finally here in 1D. 

Writing Station

More Math Station

 Math Station

Some books we will enjoy during the first week of First Grade
The Meeting Place

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