1D Teachers

First Grade Team:
1A ~ Mrs. Ashley Schreiber and Mrs. Valerie Reckner
1B ~ Miss Katie Neenan  and Mrs. Ali  Hildahl
1C ~ Mrs. Beth Klug and Ms. Jasilika Davidson
1D ~ Mrs. Julie Simmons and Ms. Jessica Espasandin

Meet the 1D Teachers:


Hi! This is my 20th year of teaching at Columbus Academy.  I taught kindergarten for 5 years at Academy, and I taught second grade for 7 years. I love hanging out with first graders! This is my eighth year as a first grade teacher. I graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Education and I completed the graduate program at Ashland University. I have a Masters degree in Education with a focus in the area of Literacy. I also went through the National Boards process and achieved National Board certification. Recently I have focused on integrating technology into the classroom, so much of my professional development has been related to teaching kids to use technology as a tool. We use technology to find answers, make connections, and share our ideas ~ with each other, with our families, and with other students around the world.

O.K. ~ That's kind of the boring background stuff...What I really want you to know is that I LOVE to teach! I am so lucky to spend my days with the kids and faculty of Columbus Academy. My husband often tells me that my job is also my hobby, and that is true...even during the summer I spend lots of time gathering ideas, attending workshops, looking at other teachers' blogs, and preparing for the new school year. My family life is also quite connected to Columbus Academy. My husband and I have two children - Tony and Kelly. Tony is a member of CA's 2008 graduating class and Kelly graduated in 2010. Tony graduated from The College of Wooster and earned his MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) from Earlham. He and his wife live in the Cleveland area. Kelly also graduated from The College of Wooster and she just completed her second year of service with City Year here in Columbus. Yikes! I am the parent of two adult children! It still feels so strange that I am no longer a CA parent. When I started at Academy Tony was in second grade. Believe me, the time goes by very quickly! My family also has a very spoiled pug named Meggie.

Meggie and her favorite toy

I am a HUGE Columbus Blue Jackets fan! I have loved hockey since my days at BGSU, and my favorite season is hockey season. I am also an avid reader and I don't go anywhere without a book or my Kindle. I enjoy walking in my neighborhood and hiking in area parks. It is so much fun to explore different hiking trails. I love my morning coffee and I enjoy Starbucks mochas as a special treat. My favorite foods are pizza and Chipotle burritos. My extended family vacations at Lake Erie every summer and that is one of my favorite places in the world.

  I look forward to meeting each of the 1D Kids so that I can find out about them and learn about their favorites!

Ms. Espasandin
Welcome to first grade! My name is Jessica Espasandin. I have two boys (ages 14 and 10) that keep me busy with their track meets and soccer games.  I am incredibly excited to be one of your first grade teachers this year. This is my second year working at Columbus Academy.
Two years ago I finally earned my teaching license after many years of working towards that goal. I have several years of experience working with Pre-K children and I am excited to be back for another year of working with elementary school children.
It is going to be a great year!

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