Sunday, September 4, 2016

First Week in 1D

We had a busy first week in 1D! We are learning names, getting to know our classmates, thinking about hopes and goals for the year, brainstorming ideas during writing workshop, reading independently during reading workshop, and thinking like mathematicians during math workshop. We are adjusting to having lunch in the BIG dining hall and we are enjoying the new spaces available to us during recess. Next week we will choose our class name and we will add more components to each workshop time. Here are a few photos from the week:

Brainstorming IDEAS during Writing Workshop. Writers write about what they know. 

Fidget Friday - working with Wikki Sticks

More Wikki Sticks - Notice some names, some words and even a hockey rink made of Wikki Sticks!

Our First Math Challenge - Make a smaller rectangle from the piece of paper. The second challenge was to make a triangle from the paper. The final challenge took some real thinking and perseverance: Fold the paper to make a circle. Kids first said "impossible". Then..."I'll try" and "Sure...we can figure it out!" Love this - an early example of growth mindset during our math lesson. 

Mrs. Mason read The Principal From the Black Lagoon to the first graders. She talked to us about her job as Head of Lower School and she told us that she used to be a teacher in the very classroom where she read to us (Mrs. Schreiber's current first grade classroom).

Mrs. Mason - Head of Lower School

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